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Randall Cattle Breeding Stock
        Our herd of 30-plus head of Randall cattle now produces more offspring than we can use for replacements, so we occasionally have purebred Randall breeding stock to sell.  Usually this means young heifers, but we have sold yearlings and bred heifers and cows.  Our primary interest in selling these animals is to further our conservation goals for the Randall cattle breed.  To that end, we want to ensure that our animals will find a home where pure breeding of registerable offspring will occur in an environment that is consistent with the subsistence farm heritage of the breed.
        The uniqueness of the Randalls lies largely in their long isolation from modern production farming methods which include single trait selection and a diet high in concentrates, with little attention paid to functional characteristics such as calving ease and the ability to produce under marginal farming conditions.  It is our belief that to impose such conditions on Randall cattle quickly begins to erode their special genetic attributes, undermining the ongoing conservation effort.
        We are seeking new breeders who will appreciate Randall cattle as they are, and not seek to change them into something that they never were.  In our view that means feeding a primarily (if not entirely) forage diet, and (hopefully) putting them to work on the farm or homestead producing milk, meat, and draft power. 
        If you would like to be a part of the Randall cattle conservation effort, can manage the details of maintaining pure breeding, and understand the management needs of a forage efficient, genetically unique cattle breed, please use the Contact Us form to start a dialog with us.
        Our prices are as follows:  heifer calf still on the bottle, $800; weaned heifers, $800-$1000; and bred heifers or cows, $1200-$1500.  Bulls are sometimes available and are usually priced more toward their meat value.  From time to time we have bull calves available for oxen.  We also have Randall semen for sale at $20. per straw, shipping paid by the purchaser.
All breeding stock sales are at the sole discretion
of Howland Homestead Farm

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A pair of young Randall heifer calves
A Randall calf heading to her new home
A just born calf being licked off by mom
A pair of Randall steer calves to be trained as oxen
Randall calf Black Eyed Susan
Heading to a new home
"Black Eyed Susan"
Young ox prospects
Randall heifers
A new Randall heifer enters the world
Phil and
Dianne Lang
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