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A Buff Polish rooster
A Delaware rooster
Assorted Heritage breed chicks in the brooder
A Buff Polish rooster
A Delaware rooster
Assorted rare breed chicks in the brooder
        Over the years we have tried numerous chicken "projects", most of which faded away for lack of suitable space, time and labor.  We have raised chickens in movable, bottomless cages in the field, which seemed like a good idea but unfortunately the flat ground it requires was not on our own land and was lost for our use.  One project was to try to create a hybrid broiler chicken from two heirloom breeds historically used that way, Dorking and Shamo, but this too was unfortunately cut short.
        We now just raise chickens for our own free range egg production, with occasional surplus for family and friends.  The one thing that has remained constant over the years is our dedication to the use and preservation of rare poultry breeds.  We currently have mainly Delawares (which we've had from the beginning) and Marans, with a few odd remnants of Shamo, Sumatra, Dorking and Buff Polish.

        We strongly support The Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities (SPPA), a fine organization with knowlegeable breeders and members and a Breeder's Directory that is an unbelievable catalog of rare and obscure poultry breeds.  We buy our breeding stock (chicks) from Sand Hill Preservation Center exclusively, and have found their birds the highest quality available.  Glenn Drowns of Sand Hill is a consummate conservationist, and along with an enormous collection of rare breed poultry, maintains one of the largest private heirloom seed collections in the world.
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