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Randall Cattle
        We got our first Randalls in 1993, after hearing about and visiting a cow in New Hampshire that was in need of a new home.  We began to search for any others still alive in the Northeast from the several groups sold off the Randall farm in the herd dispersal in 1985 following Everett Randall's death.  That search turned up only two animals, a cow with calf at side in Western New York, which we  bought. 

        We then, in early 1994, bought the cow we had previously looked at in NH.  All of the other Randalls that had gone to several owners for conservation (except those now with Cynthia Creech in Tennessee), had been lost.  In the summer of 1994 we travelled to Cynthia's Artemis Farm in Jefferson City, TN, to look at her "girls", and bought 2 heifers from her later that year. We were on our way.
        Since that start, we have increased our herd to a high a couple of years ago of 38 purebred Randalls, and now maintain a herd of about 35.  We sometimes have Randall cattle breeding stock to sell for conservation breeding.  In recent years we have sold a few heifers (19) for breeding stock, and some bull calves (13) to be trained for oxen. 

        Over the years, Phil has milked 26 Randall cows, and we average 5 to 8 in milk at any one time, depending on the season.  The milk from our Randalls is for home use, to bottle feed calves, and to feed pigs and chickens.  We have used the Randall milk for many things, including butter, yogurt, ice cream, whipped cream, and kefir, and most importantly, cream for Phil's morning coffee!  Most of the veal and beef we sell is from the Randalls. 
        In 2001 we, along with Cynthia Creech, formed a breed Registry for the Randalls, The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc.  Phil is Vice President and Treasurer, as well as the webmaster of the Registry website, while Dianne serves as Secretary.
Randall cow Annette
Randall cow Doreen with her third calf Coleen
Randall cow "Doreen" and her new heifer
calf "Coleen"

Randall cow "Annette"
Randall cows on a snow covered field
Enjoying a sunny winter day. 
Minnie, Kerryberry and Mayberry
"Minnie", "Kerryberry", and "Mayberry"
Annette posing above the cow barn
Phil and
Dianne Lang
175 Geer Mountain Road,
South Kent,
CT 06785