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Websites We Recommend
Fog in the valley after a summer storm
A 1949 Case VAC with a manure spreader attached
Eastern Wild Turkeys on the front lawn
~Livestock Conservation~

The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc.  The Registry and Association for the Randall cattle breed.

Cynthia's Randall Cattle Pages 
Cynthia Creech's website telling her story of rescuing the Randall breed from extinction.

Rare Breeds In Yorkshire (UK)  A growing listing of rare livestock breeds websites.

~Poultry Conservation~

Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities (SPPA)  The authority on rare, ancient and heirloom poultry varieties and breeds.

An informative site, with pictures and information about many breeds of poultry.  Extensive links to anything poultry related.

Sand Hill Preservation Center 
Our pick of hatcheries for rare breed poultry.  Heirloom seeds, too!

~Plant Conservation~

Seed Savers Exchange  The place to go for heirloom fruits, vegetables, grains and more.  If you can't find it in their Directory, it probably doesn't exist!

~Food Issues~

The Weston A. Price Foundation  Based on the research of Weston A. Price, WAPF disseminates nutritional information, particularly about animal foods and fats.  We have been members of WAPF since its inception.

Real Milk
  An affiliate of the WAPF site, Real Milk advocates for the health benefits of raw milk, and for it's availability to consumers everywhere.

A site dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of grass-fed meats and dairy.

~Small Farm and Homesteading~

Acres, USA  A strong voice for "Eco-Agriculture", Acres is a must read for Organic farmers.

The Stockman Grass Farmer 
A magazine dedicated to pastoral agriculture, promoting grass fed meat and dairy products and management intensive grazing.

(Northeast Organic Farming Association, New York Chapter)  NOFA/NY is the chapter in which we are members.

~Other Farming Links~

Stackyard  "Agriculture on the web".  One of the web's most comprehensive listings of agricultural links.

~Local Links~

Phil Camp's Stories  Collections of short stories about farming and rural life in and around South Kent, written by Dianne's father.

~Alternative Health~  A website about treating chronic Lyme disease with a protocol of salt and vitamin C.  Many people who have failed to restore their health with antibiotics have reclaimed their lives with this protocol.
A 1949 Case VAC and manure spreader
Eastern Wild Turkeys on the front lawn
Fog after the storm
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Dianne Lang
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