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Tamworth Pigs
        One of our most popular products is milk-fed pork, which we produce from our Tamworth pigs.  We have tried other Heritage breed pigs, but have decided to stay with the Tamworths.  From what we have seen their carcass quality is second to none, and their aggressive feeding habits make them a perfect choice for a farm that relies on minimum feeding of concentrates and maximum use of forage.
        We raise our pigs mainly outdoors in dirt floor pens, so that their natural rooting instincts can be satisfied without turning our fields into a moonscape.  (Tamworths root!)  We keep our own purebred breeding stock, as we are continually working to adapt our pigs to our forage based feeding, and to improve mothering instincts which are largely gone from commercial pig genetics.  Unfortunately our pigs are not registered, as most of them are related to a sow that we purchased as a registered animal, but for which we never received the papers.

        Pigs, especially piglets, are undoubtedly the most entertaining animals on the farm.  Sometimes our piglets are in pens that have wire spacing large enough for them to "escape", whereupon they roam the farmyard getting into mischief until they get too big to squeeze out of the pen.  The results can be very comical.  If you have QuickTime player, and a good internet connection, a short clip can be downloaded here.  (The clip is 19 seconds long and 9.3 MB in size.)
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Tamworth piglets on the prowl
A Tamworth sow and her litter of young piglets
A Tamworth boar and sow being visited by Eastern Wild Turkeys
A Tamworth sow
with her new litter

Piggies on the loose!
A Tamworth sow and boar being visited
by wild turkeys

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